offers a unique line of isotonix products.

What are Isotonix?

Briefly, the fluidity of the product matches the fluid pressure of your body.  That means that the absorption rate is very high, boasting 95% absorption within minutes. It is like a liquid IV.   For most products, a healthy digestive system is a necessary parameter for the product to have value.  Isotonix products do not rely on the health of the digestive system to get results. These products are valuable since most people do not have impeccable digestive systems and as we age our digestive system does not work as well.  Plus they are a pleasant tasting liquid for people who cannot or dislike swallowing pills.

Check out the company’s most popular product OPC-3.  OPC-3 is a potent free radical scavenger containing well researched pychnogenol in the isotonix form. It balances the immune system and helps to clear impurities from the blood.

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