James B.

Almost exactly one year ago, I sustained a very severe and complicated injury that involved not only my lower back, but my hip joints and all the related muscle groups. I’ve lived in Rockland County for many years and have come to be very skeptical about the quality of care available in this area. The team at The PHInstitute has restored my faith that great, comprehensive care can be found close to home. Their unique team approach takes the best elements from all disciplines and applies them to each individual. Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Medical Massage, Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Nutrition, all under one roof. In addition to the medical team, the office staff treats you like family and go out of their way to ensure your insurance providers give you all the coverage you deserve. When I hobbled through the doors last winter, I was 34 years old, walking with a cane and in the worst pain I could imagine. In less than 8 months I was running the mile in just over 6 minutes, had strength and flexibility I never dreamed possible, and have established a much healthier lifestyle. And it’s not just me – I’ve seen other patients, of all ages and conditions, come back week after week; each one healthier and more fit than when they began. It wasn’t easy for me; but it sure beat the alternative – back surgery. The staff at The PHInstitute stood by me and got me to work harder than I thought possible to not only get better, but to be healthier than I was before my injury.

Jimmy C.

I came to The PHInstitute after several attempts at recovering from a nagging shoulder injury. They coordinated my care by setting me up with a caring surgeon and followed up closely by enrolling me in a tailor made rehabilitation program. To ensure that my progress continued, he signed me up for the The PHInstitute fitness program. I have used many of his services from workouts to supplements to massage therapy to improve my energy, strength, and balance. It has been a big reason why I am still able to bring it during my on-stage performances at age 60.

Vernon B

My name is Vernon, I am now 67, an educator with 4 degrees, father to four, and grandfather to two. I came to The PHInstitute at the suggestion of my nephew, to rehabilitate a catastrophic Achilles injury, maintain my health, and hopefully get back into shape! Little did I know that I had just entered EXACTLY what was needed. I met with the team at The PHInstitute, received a personalized and individualized plan of care and started right away. I had literally entered Health Heaven! I started following the plan and the recovery process and the results came rapidly. Colleagues at work, people I’ve known for some time, even people who were complete strangers noticed! According to them ALL, I didn’t look like a 67 year old man, I was stronger, healthier, more confident and once again a youthful man. I brought my son, my wife, and several friends and relatives to PH and received their gratitude and thanks. I now have my lower leg and health back thanks to The PHInstitute. I’m in phenomenal shape, look and feel wonderful and overall I have a better quality of life! The The PHInstitute staff is concerned, professional, diligent and knowledgeable, and everything they do is cutting-edge, medically sound, and designed to make you a better YOU!

Anthony W

For years I’ve battled knee pain, I spent most days in severe pain and discomfort. I would like to thank The PHInstitute team, for prescribing me a tremendous physical therapy plan of care for my ailing knees. I am now, once again, active and able to do cardio at the gym! The PHInstitute also prescribed me an impressive medical weight management program, and to date, I have lost over 50 pounds! The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and extremely professional. After years of pain, I can’t thank The PHInstitute enough for reshaping my life.

Jonathan S.

I am a 25 year old ex-collegiate football player with chronic back problems I developed as a 300 pound lineman. Now that I have an office job in finance, I have had trouble trying to lose weight and workout in a safe, effective fashion. The PHInstitute created a specific training and dietary program and walked me through it, firsthand. I have lost inches on my body, sleep better, and my chronic back problem is much improved.

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