The PHInstitute

provides our patients with manual techniques that help alleviate pain, combat fatigue, as well as decrease muscle and joint stiffness. Under the direction of The PHInstitute's Physicians, our licensed massage therapists achieve this through a few different methods:

Soft Tissue Massage uses pressure and movement on the skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and fascia which will reduce swelling and inflammation.

Deep Tissue Massage, unlike soft, focuses on a specific problem by using a different technique to help break up old adhesions between the layers of deeper muscle, tendons, connective tissue, and fascia. The most common areas for deep tissue massages are the neck, lower back, and shoulders. This deep tissue technique will help promote blood flow, relieve tension, and allow the muscle (through proper stretching) to go back to its original length.

Sports Massage therapy focuses on all types of athletes, but focuses specifically on the part of the body that the athlete overuses, for example a pitcher's arm and elbow. Sports massage helps an athlete reach maximum performance by increasing power and flexibility, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance.  It also helps speed up the healing process by reducing swelling, bruising, breaking up adhesions and preventing minor aches and pains from turning into major injuries that could put an end to your season.

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Vernon B.


My name is Vernon, I am now 67, an educator with 4 degrees, father to four, and grandfather to two. I came to The PHInstitute at the suggestion of my nephew, to rehabilitate a catastrophic Achilles injury, maintain my health, and hopefully get back into shape! Little did I know that I had just entered EXACTLY what was needed. I met with the team at The PHInstitute, received a personalized and individualized plan of care and started right away. I had literally entered Health Heaven! I started following the plan and the recovery process and the results came rapidly. Colleagues at work, people I’ve known for some time, even people who were complete strangers noticed! According to them ALL, I didn’t look like a 67 year old man, I was stronger, healthier, more confident and once again a youthful man.