The Performance and Health Institute - Essex County Latino American Chamber of Commerce NJ - National Chamber of Commerce on Health and its Partners have launched a health information HOTLINE to help during the Coronavirus Crisis.

The purpose of the HOTLINE is to provide information about the Coronavirus crisis, possible health related - resources that are available to the community, and when possible, assist in accessing healthcare.
Our goal is to make available to those who might not be able to get around for whatever reason, information that will help them determine whether they can be managed at home or will need to seek health care in a healthcare facility - Emergency Room/Clinic/Medical Office or Hospital.
Our staff will answer your questions and help as much as possible.
The principle objective is to help unload the burden that our health care system is suffering as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. We know that every bit of help our health professionals can get, will help.
If you are having a life-threatening situation go to the nearest Emergency Room.
Hotline Number: 800-506-8070